XAware, Inc. announced XA-Xchange Hubs, a family of text integration engines available as packaged solutions for EDI, healthcare, financial services, and government markets. XA-Xchange Hubs feature a dynamic J2EE text transformation engine for integration of structured, semi-structured and unstructured text. XA-Xchange Hubs offer a Java integrated text processor that runs entirely within application servers such as IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic, Oracle 9iAS, SunONE and JBoss. The XA-Xchange text engine transforms structured text with delimiters such as comma, tab and space; tagged-values; fixed-field; and application formats such as Microsoft Excel. XA-Xchange also transforms semi-structured text formats including EDI, HL7, X12, FpML, FIX, and SWIFT, as well as unstructured text such as HTML, ASCII, text documents and reports. XA-Xchange Hubs are packaged as a solution with software licenses, XA-Designer, XA-iServer, XA-Active Exchange definitions and professional services. XA-Xchange Hubs are available today. The average customer deployment is priced at approximately $75,000. Xchange Hub technology is also available as embeddable components to content management, portal, reporting, application server and other software vendors. www.xaware.com