Stellent, Inc. announced the release of Version 7 of the Stellent Content Integration Suite. With Version 7, developers can now embed Content Integration Suite directly into Java applications in order to provide integration with Stellent Universal Content Management. In either environment, the suite provides applications with real-time access to content and content management features. Stellent Content Integration Suite uses a Java Connector Architecture and Java Message Service functionality when run in a J2EE environment. This approach enables developers using J2EE-compliant systems to integrate Stellent Universal Content Management with enterprise applications ERP and customer CRM systems. In this environment, Stellent Content Integration Suite offers instant access to content and leverages application server benefits, such as asynchronous messaging, connection pooling and clustering. Stellent Content Integration Suite is priced at $30,000 USD. Stellent also announced Content Portlet Suite, which works in conjunction with version 7 of Stellent’s Content Integration Suite. Content Portlet Suite is available today and priced at $5,000 per platform.