anacubis announced the immediate availability of anacubis Desktop 2.0. anacubis Desktop 2.0 is a visual analysis tool that transforms complex information drawn from any structured data source into a dynamic graphical map that instantly highlights the relationships and links buried in the data. The results of this research can then be manipulated and analyzed using a range of sophisticated analysis features. The information is automatically transformed into icons and links that show at a glance how companies, people, intellectual property and news are related. anacubis Desktop 2.0 is accompanied by anacubis’ first domain-specific analysis Add-in for visual research and analysis. The Intellectual Property (IP) Analysis Add-in enables professionals to dissect large amounts of complex patent information. It automates a wide range of common patent analysis tasks, providing citation and inventor, timeline and link analysis. anacubis is also working on further domain-specific Add-ins. anacubis Desktop 2.0 is available to download for a free 10-day trial and purchase online. A single user license is US$1,950. The Intellectual Property Analysis Add-in is available for US$750 per year including all product updates.