MineTech, Inc. announced the release of a new search engine which “eliminates” to need for users to query the streams of batched data delivered by popular “keyword”-based search engines when conducting online searches. “Search Incite” reads and understands how words are used in a sentence. Search Incite understands, for example, the distinctions between the word “mouse” as a computer component versus a rodent or “bass” as a fish, singer or an instrument, which helps streamline and refine the search focus for users. Search Incite works with almost every format of structured and unstructured data and all languages can be supported. It can also automate the metadata tagging process via the index and the XML translation process to standardize data definitions. Search Incite is for CRM vendors, enterprise portal management providers, consulting firms, corporate knowledge management providers, research firms, content providers, the legal industry, pharmaceutical industry, publishers and the financial services industry. The search engine can be deployed and priced on an annual license, subscription, ASP or OEM basis. www.minetech.com