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Day: April 18, 2004

Digimarc Announces ImageBridge Enterprise 2.0

Digimarc Corporation announced the launch of Digimarc ImageBridge Enterprise 2.0 to deliver enhanced digital image tracking and monitoring capabilities for organizations that conduct image-driven marketing campaigns online directly or through channel partners. ImageBridge Enterprise 2.0 is targeted at image-intensive markets such as entertainment, real estate, manufacturing and consumer brand companies that use digital image assets as a key component of their online marketing efforts. ImageBridge Enterprise 2.0 allows companies to monitor use of image assets beyond their enterprise boundaries, expanding the scope of digital image management capabilities beyond the confines of corporate networks through: automated tracking and reporting of channel partner compliance with marketing programs by tracking use of images on the partner web sites, and automated searching for unauthorized uses of images on the public Internet, as part of a copyright compliance program, and integrating ‘beyond-the-network’ tracking with existing asset management systems. ImageBridge Enterprise 2.0 uses Digimarc digital watermarking to weave imperceptible identifiers into image assets, giving the image a unique identity, and providing a link between the distributed image and its owner.

empolis Announces Service Lifecycle Suite 2.1

empolis GmbH announced an enhanced version of the Service Lifecycle Suite
(e:SLS), version 2.1. The e:SLS enables organizations to consolidate a fragmented knowledge base and facilitate knowledge retrieval. The e:SLS combines content integration, search, navigation, and classification capabilities with collaborative authoring. Release 2.1 adds new Solution Authoring functions such as the ability to create a Decision Tree knowledge object. With the empolis solution the Knowledge Access component is built on a search and retrieval platform that incorporates case-based reasoning, a kind of artificial intelligence that applies past experience to current situations. This augments more traditional full text retrieval to increase the likelihood that the right solution will be found. Version 2.1 of the empolis Service Lifecycle Suite is currently available. The product is Webbased and built using JAVA and XML.

Context Media Delivers Media & Entertainment Solution for Digital Content Integration

Context Media, Inc. announced the immediate availability of the Context Media Interchange Suite Media & Entertainment Edition, the latest version of the company’s content integration software solution. The new edition of Interchange Suite includes enhancements that help marketing, brand creators and producers at media and entertainment organizations access and distribute digital assets across divisions, geographies, partners and customers. New features available include enhanced administration of digital asset integrity and usage across internal and external channels, expanded metadata management capabilities, expanded content presentations, enhanced content notifications and messaging, and extended support for digital repositories from document management, content management and digital asset management systems. Context Media’s Media & Entertainment Edition of Interchange Suite is built on Web services standards. Combined with IBM’s WebSphere and DB2 platforms, the solution provides organizations with the ability to exploit the value of content, create new content combinations and cross-promote.

Snapbridge Announces XStudio Pro 2.0 Integrated Developers Environment for XML/XSLT

Snapbridge Software announced Snapbridge XStudio Pro 2.0, an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for developing and managing XML schemas, XSLT stylesheets and scripts. XStudio Pro 2.0 supports flexibility and portability and offers an environment for XML and XSLT development. XStudio Pro 2.0 integrates with Snapbridge FDX Information Server and FDX XML Server product lines. Through the use of XStudio Pro 2.0 and FDX XML Server, developers can develop mission-critical information integration and management applications. Snapbridge XStudio Pro 2.0 capabilities include the ability to: create, validate, convert, and manage XML schemas, XML files and DTDs; create and debug complex XSLT stylesheets; and create and manage scripts to choreograph the integration and publication of XML, HTML, and Web Services assets. XStudio Pro 2.0 starting price is $399 USD per seat and can be downloaded at

SealedMedia Launches New Enterprise Deployment Capabilities for Document & Email Security Solution

SealedMedia Inc. announced version 3.2 of its document security solution for enterprises. The new release adds deployment, administration and management functions making the handling of secure, sealed documents and email simpler for users and more flexible for groups to use across the extended enterprise. Version 3.2, which is now generally available. New characteristics of SealedMedia 3.2 make interfacing with other enterprise applications easier, offering smoother deployment, management and administration of applications as well as usability improvements for sealed documents. For instance NT Authentication provides users with single sign-on functionality and support for LDAP, and Active Directory keeps user names and passwords consistent across applications. Integration with Documentum eRoom (Sealed eRoom) enables secure web-based collaboration on projects involving confidential information. SealedMedia 3.2 ensures that digital information remains persistently protected within the eRoom itself and extends the security and audit capabilities to files wherever they are even on remote desktops.

IXOS Integrates with SAP Knowledge Management Capabilities

IXOS Software AG announced that its IXOS DocuLink Repository Manager 1.0 has received integration certification with the SAP NetWeaver, SAP’s integration and application platform. DocuLink Repository Manager enables SAP business content that is archived within the IXOS Enterprise Content Repository (ECR) to be integrated with live content from Knowledge Management within the SAP Enterprise Portal solution. It gives organizations greater control over their business content and allows them to implement full-text search, classification and collaboration scenarios by re-using the generic Knowledge Management services offered by SAP on top of a heterogeneous repository landscape.

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