Snapbridge Software announced Snapbridge XStudio Pro 2.0, an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for developing and managing XML schemas, XSLT stylesheets and scripts. XStudio Pro 2.0 supports flexibility and portability and offers an environment for XML and XSLT development. XStudio Pro 2.0 integrates with Snapbridge FDX Information Server and FDX XML Server product lines. Through the use of XStudio Pro 2.0 and FDX XML Server, developers can develop mission-critical information integration and management applications. Snapbridge XStudio Pro 2.0 capabilities include the ability to: create, validate, convert, and manage XML schemas, XML files and DTDs; create and debug complex XSLT stylesheets; and create and manage scripts to choreograph the integration and publication of XML, HTML, and Web Services assets. XStudio Pro 2.0 starting price is $399 USD per seat and can be downloaded at