SealedMedia Inc. announced version 3.2 of its document security solution for enterprises. The new release adds deployment, administration and management functions making the handling of secure, sealed documents and email simpler for users and more flexible for groups to use across the extended enterprise. Version 3.2, which is now generally available. New characteristics of SealedMedia 3.2 make interfacing with other enterprise applications easier, offering smoother deployment, management and administration of applications as well as usability improvements for sealed documents. For instance NT Authentication provides users with single sign-on functionality and support for LDAP, and Active Directory keeps user names and passwords consistent across applications. Integration with Documentum eRoom (Sealed eRoom) enables secure web-based collaboration on projects involving confidential information. SealedMedia 3.2 ensures that digital information remains persistently protected within the eRoom itself and extends the security and audit capabilities to files wherever they are even on remote desktops.