Open Text Corporation announced enterprise-wide instant messaging (IM) for Livelink. The solution, called Livelink Instant Messenger, offers the ability to retain and track IM content, providing a record of electronic communication for legal and regulatory requirements. Once retained, IM content becomes fully indexed and auditable, so users can search in Livelink to retrieve specific information. This capability gives companies a way to capture useful content in IM and make it searchable as part of a company’s corporate knowledge repository. Livelink Instant Messenger also offers improved security over IM solutions used by consumers. Embedded in Open Text’s Livelink suite, Livelink Instant Messenger is deployed inside the firewall, and utilizes SSL to encrypt information both inside and outside the firewall. Livelink Instant Messenger will be available March 15 and works with Livelink 9.1.0 SP4 and 9.2 SP1 on all supported platforms.