Quadralay Corporation, announced WebWorks FinalDraft, a new product that helps writers produce high-quality content by streamlining the edit-and-review process. FinalDraft gives technical writers, documentation departments,
engineering groups, marketing organizations, and other content providers the ability to achieve accurate and complete documents. FinalDraft offers functionality designed to address the entire edit-and-review process from first draft to final. Instead of printing out numerous documents, keeping track of colors, or e-mailing different versions of a document to multiple reviewers, all drafts are automatically generated from a single source document, authored in Microsoft Word or Adobe FrameMaker. FinalDraft is an e-mail-based system, so a Web server is not required. Drafts are sent to reviewers as WebWorks Archive files (HTML), requiring only a small plug-in
installed into Microsoft Internet Explorer, available at no additional
cost. FinalDraft is based on .NET. FinalDraft uses a well-planned graphical user interface with toolbars, menus, and keyboard shortcuts. WebWorks FinalDraft will be shipping in April 2004. It will be available for purchase by authors for US$399 at www.webworks.com