Jalios announced JCMS 4.1, an upgrade of their content management platform. The new version has been specially developed to make its architecture compatible with the operational constraints of large companies and provide new functionality to support publication and collaborative working. JCMS 4.1 integrates content management and a documentary portal that can be integrated in an infrastructure portal. Its products are based on an architecture that doesn’t require a relational database. JCMS 4.1 Enterprise Edition is a solution developed specifically for large enterprises. It can be used to create an unlimited number of websites for an unlimited number of users or contributors on a single server regardless of the number of processors. JCMS 4.1 Workgroup Edition is designed for individual departments or workgroups. JCMS 4.1 Midmarket Edition is for medium-sized enterprises. JCMS Universal 2.1 extends searches to attachments and enables universal distribution of documents in PDF format. Jalios JCMS 4.1 will be released in April 2004. JALIOS is a spin-off of Bull and INRIA and the fruit of INRIA research. The Jalios solution is based on the interactive web guide technology, developed by the Bull/INRIA joint venture Dyade. www.jalios.com