Vignette Corp. announced the general availability of Vignette Application Portal 7.0, with added capabilities including increased internationalization support, support for users with disabilities and broad platform support. Vignette Application Portal 7.0 is immediately available for trial evaluation purposes at no charge. In addition, Vignette offers plug-ins for Integrated Development Environments (IDEs), which give software developers a way to develop JSR 168 portlets within their IDE of choice and deploy them within Vignette Application Portal. Vignette Application Portal 7.0 has been certified by Vignette on the Sun Microsystem Test and Compatibility Kit (TCK) for compliance with the recently adopted JSR 168 portlet interoperability standard, and customers can leverage existing portlets designed for other vendors’ JSR 168-compliant portals. In addition, Vignette Application Portal now provides support for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 508. Vignette Application Portal 7.0, which has been verified for compliance using the federal government’s Voluntary Product Assessment Test (VPAT), allows disabled administrators to easily manage portal sites. Licensing costs begin at $75,000.