Percussion Software introduced its newest software product, Lyrix, a content integration solution for the reuse of Domino content in other enterprise applications. Lyrix is targeted at users of Lotus Domino that are deciding between co-existence and migration for each of their Domino applications. Built on a Web services architecture, Lyrix provides organizations with a range of options allowing them to choose the right future for each of their Domino applications. For each application, Lyrix enables organizations to choose co-existence with Domino by continuing to create content in existing applications while simultaneously reusing the content in other applications, or migration of Domino content to other applications systematically. In addition, if selecting to migrate, Lyrix does not force a migration of all content into a new central repository. Lyrix automatically transforms all unique Domino attributes into standard XML and xHTML, and also maintains content relationships. Pricing for the Lyrix Starter Package is $34,000 (USD). Lyrix is available now for immediate delivery.