Plumtree Software unveiled plans to offer a J2EE version of its portal software by the middle of 2004, designed to run with Java application servers hosted on UNIX, and later, Linux. Plumtree plans to continue developing the .NET version of its portal alongside this new J2EE version. The 5.0J version of the portal software is expected to have the same features, functionality and server architecture as the 5.0 Windows product but will have a re-designed Java kernel, and will use many J2EE components and specifications including JDBC for access to multiple databases, JMX for management and monitoring of the portal server, JNDI for naming and directory services, and JNI for JVM communication. In addition, both J2EE and .NET versions of the portal are designed to support the new Java portlet standard JSR 168. The 5.0J portal design draws on the J2EE application server, but uses the same HTTP-based Web Services Architecture as the Windows portal for communicating with other systems and the same parallel processing technology for communicating with a large number of Web services simultaneously. Plumtree plans to test application and Web servers including Apache Tomcat, BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere and Sun Java System Application Server, running on Sun Solaris and IBM AIX operating systems. Plumtree currently plans to offer Linux support later in 2004.