Mobius Management Systems, Inc. announced that the Mobius ViewDirect Connectivity Business Package has received iView certification for SAP Enterprise Portal 5.0. The ViewDirect iView is a component of ViewDirect TCM, a software suite for content management. When integrated directly into an SAP user’s enterprise portal, the ViewDirect iView provides authorized users with easy access to enterprise content. The ViewDirect iView is integrated with the ViewDirect TCM repository and other business systems to enable enterprise employees, customers, and business partners to search, view, download, and print documents, reports, and images in any format without logging on to a separate application and without leaving the enterprise portal environment. ViewDirect TCM includes an SAP-certified interface to SAP R/3 ArchiveLink that supports all major SAP R/3 archiving scenarios. ViewDirect TCM provides archiving and output management services for the SAP R/3 environment, integrating SAP and non-SAP documents in a single repository and providing flexible viewing options both within SAP and with ViewDirect TCM viewing clients.