Open Text Corporation announced the availability of Livelink CADManager which gives architects and engineers a system for managing large volumes of interrelated CAD drawings for major design projects. The new product provides an integration between Livelink and CAD applications from Autodesk, Inc. Livelink CADManager supports Autodesk’s AutoCAD 2000i, AutoCAD 2002 and AutoCAD 2004. With Livelink CADManager, Livelink becomes a knowledge management repository for design projects, serving as a central point for managing all working drawings, as well as data about drawings and their relationships. Livelink CADManager gives users an easy-to-browse directory structure, the ability to apply detailed metadata to drawings, advanced search capabilities, and check-in/check-out features to control drawing revisions. Access to Livelink is provided through a menu structure in AutoCAD. Open Text also plans to introduce Livelink CADManager modules for Autodesk Inventor 3D mechanical design software, Bentley Systems’ MicroStation and SolidWorks.