Interwoven, Inc. and SBI and Company (SBI) announced the availability of a Brand Portal Solution designed to help enterprises build, manage and steward their brands. Developed jointly, the Brand Portal Solution combines Interwoven MediaBin Asset Server software with SBI’s expertise in brand strategy and technology implementation consulting. The Brand Portal Solution is a single place for brand managers and their constituencies, such as marketing and advertising agencies, distributors and channel partners, to build, leverage and distribute brand assets. The solution provides marketing departments of all sizes the ability to control the marketing content development, management, and distribution process. The Interwoven Brand Portal Solution integrates with portal applications from BEA, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Plumtree and SAP via Interwoven’s service-oriented architecture, a Web service-enabled, next generation interface to all Interwoven services. Interwoven Brand Portal Solution can be purchased from Interwoven today.,