Convera and Nexidia announced a new partnership that will add phonetic audio search as an optional component to Convera’s RetrievalWare search and categorization platform. Nexidia’s technology embedded within Convera’s search platform will ensure RetrievalWare can search audio and video the equivalent of 30 hours of audio information in less than one second. Nexidia’s phonetic searching pinpoints spoken words in word or phrase formats by analyzing the phonetic content of indexed audio or video files based on the similarity of sound. RetrievalWare’s new audio search feature will enable customers to search for spoken words without converting the audio to text through speech-to-text software or human transcription. Nexidia’s technology adds high precision to RetrievalWare’s phonetic search capability, identifying not just dictionary words, but also slang terms and code words. In addition to retrospective search, Convera will offer Nexidia technology for real-time monitoring of audio, matching capabilities already offered by Convera’s Profiling feature for processing textual content.,