CambridgeDocs announced the xDoc Content Transformation Server (xCTS). CambridgeDocs’ xCTS combines the xDoc Conversion Server with the PDF-XML Publishing Server in an end-to-end solution for easy and automatic re-use of existing content. Inbound, the xDoc Conversion Server transforms documents from PDF, HTML, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, into meaningful and well-structured XML. The transformation retains the “look and feel” of the document including layout, graphics, and textual content. Outbound, the PDF-XML Publishing server, customizes the transformed content with new layouts, styles or dynamic content from existing data-sources, and generates print-ready PDFs, MS Word documents or HTMLfiles. The xCTS XSLT, and XSL:FO. It can also use any XML-schema or DTD as the target or source for transformation. The xCTS works with J2EE application servers, such as TomCat, EAServer, as well as with Microsoft IIS based applications. The xCTS is available immediately and pricing starts at $15,000 per server.