Mediasurface announced their latest release, Mediasurface 4.7. When creating or updating content using the CMC, Mediasurface’s content contribution interface, the author can now request the generation of a summary of that content using the theme summarisation feature. Version 4.7 improves the management and monitoring of the Mediasurface Application Engine with introduction of a JMX compliant interface. Reporting on and managing a number of Mediasurface operational areas, including caches, logging and job scheduling. This release adds support for compound documents – content items that contain other content items, such as an article constructed of individual sections, which might be owned by different authors. Additionally, Mediasurface 4.7 allows authors of XML content to preview their documents through user-defined XSL templates. 4.7 offers a range of system based image manipulation capabilities, including the ability to resize, crop, reformat images within the Mediasurface application.