CambridgeDocs announced the xDoc Converter 1.7, an update to its xDoc Converter product. The xDoc Converter is a tool for migrating unstructured content from Microsoft Word, HTML, and Adobe PDF documents into any XML schema (XSD) or DTD for improved searching and indexing across the enterprise. The new release includes the Microsoft Excel Driver, which can be used to transform Microsoft Excel 97, 2000, and XP spreadsheets into XML. xDocs modular architecture enables the Microsoft Excel driver to produce ppXML, which can be then be further transformed into HTML, XSL:FO, PDF, or Microsoft RTF. “Visual Rules By Example”, which allows an end user to “highlight” a phrase or some text in a visually rendered version of the original document is also in the new version. The ability to convert XML and XSL:FO into Microsofts Rich Text Format is also in this release. This capability makes it possible, for example, to convert a PDF file into XML and then convert the XML into RTF for editing and opening within Microsoft Word.