telerik announced the release of r.a.d.designer a componentware CMS built as an ASP.NET control. The product provides a completely visual environment for construction and content management of web-sites using a template-driven approach. r.a.d.designer has an open, extendable architecture, which allows developers not only to plug and reuse existing web-controls (menus, charts, content rotators), but also to enhance the core functionality of the system. telerik r.a.d.designer is meant to deliver the fundamental content management functions of a web-site. It is responsible for creating layouts, building individual pages based on those layouts, and filling the pages with content to be visualized. Everything beyond that depends on external web controls. The architecture of r.a.d.designer allows developers to reuse the components they have already written or purchased, like menus, charts, polls, news, etc. r.a.d.designer is available in 2 run-time (domain-based) editions and 3 royalty-free editions: “Standard” license (1 domain/web-site) is $395, “Professional” license (5 domains/web-sites) is $995, “1 Developer” license is $795, “4 Developers Team” license is $1795, “Enterprise” license (unlimited developers) is $2695.