ERP5 and Collaborative Portal Server teams announced that they would join forces to provide a global Information System exclusively based on Open Source/Free Software. Collaborative Portal Server (CPS) is a content management and collaborative work system published under GPL license. ERP5 is an Entreprise Resource Planning (ERP) system published under GPL license. The Alliance of ERP5 and CPS will provide corporations with seamless integration of collaborative and quantitative information systems based on the Zope Open Source/Free Application Server. ERP5 allows to track quantitative information and implement management workflows. ERP5 features covers trading, invoicing, accounting, manufacturing, supply chain, stock, customer relation and product design. CPS allows a group of users to share documents in multiple versions, implement administrative and publication workflows and create a single point of access to corporate information and services. The ERP5/CPS Alliance will allow users to share basic technology building blocks such as common user authentication, distributed data synchronisation, and uniform internationalisation. It will also provide a common access to ERP workflow tasks from CPS portal page and CPS administrative and publication tasks from ERP5.,