Microsoft Corp. announced that SharePoint Portal Server 2003 customers will now be able to customize their portal sites (in addition to Windows SharePoint Services sites) with Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003. Users will be able to: create custom Web Part pages, based on the drag-and-drop functionality of reusable Web Parts, which connect to information or applications elsewhere in the organization; use Web Part connections to build solutions that span multiple Web Parts pages; add, edit and configure Web Part zones – even without starting FrontPage; save custom Web Parts to a site catalog for reuse; use live XSLT Data Views to bring external data into SharePoint Portal sites; deploy data-driven pages on new Web sites using Web packages and reusable collections of Web pages; and create Web logs, issue-tracking lists, and news and reviews sites with just a few mouse clicks, and post them to the Web using just their browser. The features in FrontPage 2003 that enable customization of SharePoint Portal Server 2003 are found in the Microsoft Office System Beta 2 Technical Refresh, which also includes the latest versions of both products. The final release of the product will be in summer 2003; pricing will be announced at that time.