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Day: July 13, 2003

Nuxeo & Nexedi to Combine Open Source Portal & ERP

ERP5 and Collaborative Portal Server teams announced that they would join forces to provide a global Information System exclusively based on Open Source/Free Software. Collaborative Portal Server (CPS) is a content management and collaborative work system published under GPL license. ERP5 is an Entreprise Resource Planning (ERP) system published under GPL license. The Alliance of ERP5 and CPS will provide corporations with seamless integration of collaborative and quantitative information systems based on the Zope Open Source/Free Application Server. ERP5 allows to track quantitative information and implement management workflows. ERP5 features covers trading, invoicing, accounting, manufacturing, supply chain, stock, customer relation and product design. CPS allows a group of users to share documents in multiple versions, implement administrative and publication workflows and create a single point of access to corporate information and services. The ERP5/CPS Alliance will allow users to share basic technology building blocks such as common user authentication, distributed data synchronisation, and uniform internationalisation. It will also provide a common access to ERP workflow tasks from CPS portal page and CPS administrative and publication tasks from ERP5.,

Microsoft Announces SharePoint Customization with FrontPage

Microsoft Corp. announced that SharePoint Portal Server 2003 customers will now be able to customize their portal sites (in addition to Windows SharePoint Services sites) with Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003. Users will be able to: create custom Web Part pages, based on the drag-and-drop functionality of reusable Web Parts, which connect to information or applications elsewhere in the organization; use Web Part connections to build solutions that span multiple Web Parts pages; add, edit and configure Web Part zones – even without starting FrontPage; save custom Web Parts to a site catalog for reuse; use live XSLT Data Views to bring external data into SharePoint Portal sites; deploy data-driven pages on new Web sites using Web packages and reusable collections of Web pages; and create Web logs, issue-tracking lists, and news and reviews sites with just a few mouse clicks, and post them to the Web using just their browser. The features in FrontPage 2003 that enable customization of SharePoint Portal Server 2003 are found in the Microsoft Office System Beta 2 Technical Refresh, which also includes the latest versions of both products. The final release of the product will be in summer 2003; pricing will be announced at that time.

Verity Releases Ultraseek 5.1

Verity Inc. announced the availability of Verity Ultraseek release 5.1. A highlight of Ultraseek 5.1 is Layout Manager, a graphical user interface that reduces the administrative effort needed to design and deploy multiple search interfaces and results pages. It is designed to give administrators the ability to easily control all aspects of look and feel as well as search options, including results display, default collections, categories, passage-based summaries and spell suggest. Layout Manager allows delegation of this activity to business-line managers. Reporting Manager offers administrators insight into users’ search behaviors and changes in search patterns to permit improvement of search relevance and usability. Detailed analysis reports can be generated on a wide range of search processes to help administrators and business-line managers improve the search relevance on their Web sites, including top search queries, queries yielding no results, top requested documents and query trends.Verity Ultraseek 5.1 also supports new file formats, including Star Office 6.0, OpenOffice 1.0 and .zip documents.

Xythos WebFile Server Certified with Computer Associates’ CleverPath Portal

Xythos Software announced that its WebFile Server and CleverPath portlets have been certified ca smart with CleverPath Portal from Computer Associates International, Inc. Xythos Software’s WebFile Server portlets help users access and manage file information directly from within the CleverPath Portal environment, accelerating the centralization of business information at the earliest stage of its life cycle so that it can be more effectively shared and protected. Xythos Software’s WebFile Server portlets provide the flexible file sharing tools required for distributed work environment including content check-in/out, version control, file logging, and controlled access “tickets” for secure external collaboration. CleverPath Portal integrates information and applications into a personalized, intelligent and engaging environment that can be accessed from a web browser, mobile phone or wireless PDA.

Gauss Partners with MDY

Gauss and MDY Advanced Technologies, Inc. announced the first phase of a partnership to integrate VIP Enterprise, Gauss’ Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software suite, with FileSurf, MDY’s Electronic and Physical Records Management Software (RMS) certified under Version II of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) 5015.2 Standard. Joint customers will be able to leverage VIP Enterprise to streamline operations by making content accessible for use across business processes, applications, and locations, while FileSurf enables them to reduce the costs of regulatory compliance by automatically classifying, retaining, and protecting this content as corporate records. Under the terms of the initial phase of the partnership agreement, Gauss and MDY will initiate joint marketing and sales efforts and introduce each other into their respective customer bases. The companies expect the integration of the two software solutions to be completed in early fall of 2003.,

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