IXIASOFT introduced the content management solutions of two European-based OEM partners, Ailink and Eurocortex to the North American marketplace. These solutions were specifically developed for the cross-media publishing industry. Both content management solutions are based on TEXTML Server, IXIASOFT’s native XML repository and information retrieval server. InfoPolis simplifies the editorial approval process and manages publishing workflows. InfoPolis is also tightly integrated with InDesign and InCopy. In conjunction to Ailink’s editorial solution, IXIASOFT is introducing Eurocortex, developer of Intelligent Content Manager (ICM), an on-line archiving system for content aggregation and delivery. Ailink is for the production environment, and Eurocortex provides tools for archiving and re-purposing of content. TEXTML Server serves is at the heart of the ICM solution. Because their solutions are complementary, Ailink and Eurocortex also recently announced a partnership, aimed at newspapers and magazines. www.ixiasoft.com