Stellent, Inc. announced Stellent Site Studio, a new Web content management application offered as part of its Stellent Content Management suite of products. Stellent Site Studio helps companies build tens to hundreds of Web sites, enabling them to deploy these sites and maintain consistent branding, security and infrastructure across all sites being developed by their various business units. With Stellent Site Studio, companies can create libraries of Web site components, such as templates, navigation, graphics and code, which are then available to their business units when building their own sites. The reusable components allow business units to rapidly deploy their unique Web sites while complying with corporate requirements. Site Studio users also can create components using other programs, such as designing layouts in Dreamweaver, and import them into the Site Studio library for possible use by the business units. Site Studio will begin shipping June 15, 2003 and will be included with the Stellent Web Content Manager solution, which is sold as an option to Stellent Content Server. Stellent Web Content Manager is priced from $25,000 to $100,000 USD, based on the number of contributors.