Web4, a division of netGuru, Inc. announced an exclusive distributor agreement with Fuji Xerox Singapore (FXS). Web4 will integrate eReview, Web4’s 2D and 3D collaborative viewer, with FXS’ knowledge-sharing product, DocuShare. FXS will retain the exclusive rights to sell eReview in Singapore with FXS’ document management suite of products in all vertical markets excluding the oil and gas industries. By integrating eReview’s real-time visualization, markup, conferencing and collaboration technology, FXS will be adding interactive, real-time, native viewing of structured and unstructured data found in document types like 2D and 3D Computer Aided Design, Microsoft Office documents, raster images and Electronic Design Automation. With the help of eReview, FXS users familiar with automating and controlling their workflow processes with FXS’ suite of content management products like DocuShare will now have the added ability to collaborate at any point in a document’s life cycle. eReview meetings can also be saved, replayed and archived into DocuShare’s work environment. FXS has also incorporated eReview in its “Knowledge Window,” an integrated digital meeting space comprising Web4’s eReview, 3M’s Digital WallDisplay and FXS’ suite of document management and knowledge management software and hardware. www.fujixerox.com.sg, www.netguru.com