Enfish Corporation announced an alliance partnership with Salesforce.com. The Enfish 6.0 Professional: salesforce.com edition, available immediately from Enfish integrates sales, marketing and customer data from salesforce.com’s on-demand CRM service with users working information stored outside of the salesforce.com application. With Enfish 6.0 Professional: salesforce.com edition, users do not have to update and upload working data housed outside of salesforce.com into the application. Instead Enfish automatically indexes and cross-references the users’ contacts, documents, e-mails and attachments. With a single mouse click, users can immediately retrieve all related information in context for any sales target regardless of where it is located. A free, 30-day evaluation of Enfish 6.0 Professional: salesforce.com edition is available. Enfish also offers subscription pricing, aligning its sales efforts with those of Salesforce.com. www.enfish.com