Fios, Inc., released concept-based searching as part of Prevail, Fios’ Web-based electronic discovery tool. The concept-based search technology in Prevail enables legal teams to search and organize unstructured information by mapping relationships between each word and every other word in large sets of documents. This release also includes the new Concept Explorer which provides a quick list of all documents that are conceptually related to the current document. Prevail is built using the Microsoft .NET framework and SQL Server 2000. Companies can designate from one to hundreds of users to concurrently review small or large quantities of data, with capacity measured in megabytes to terabytes. Fios utilizes Digital Certificates using 1024-bit keys that support 128-bit SSL encryption, state-of-the-art firewalls and customer-controlled security policies. Prevail is hosted by Fios and requires no client site setup or configuration. The only system requirements are Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 and Windows 98 (or higher). Pricing is based on a per megabyte basis.