WindFire Technology announced the availability of its virtual repository management (VRM) technology which allows IT organizations to view, access and manage both structured and unstructured enterprise information as though they were in a single repository. As a core component of WindFire’s Xtorm Data ServerT, the VRM technology allows data access and integration across disparate
repositories including Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, legacy (mainframe) platforms, proprietary platforms and file systems. Designed to be highly scalable and secure, the Xtorm Data Server can be used to tie information together regardless of the data type, location, or application source. The Xtorm Data Server is a central component of WindFire’s enterprise information management (EIM) offering which includes enterprise content management, business process management and virtual repository management applications. Developed on a J2EE, XML and Unicode foundation, the integrated suite is designed to be embedded into existing business applications, thus it is targeted to system integrators, ISVs and in-house IT developers.