QL2 Software (formerly Caesius Software) announced the release of WebQL version 2 for information extraction from the Web and other unstructured data sources. WebQL is used for business intelligence, competitive intelligence, knowledge management, and business activity monitoring applications. WebQL version 2 includes: notation based on ANSI standard SQL including full support for joins, grouping, sorting, and set operations; an IDE includes syntax highlighting editor, graphical data flow monitor, and real-time delivery of results; support for Windows, Linux, and Unix; support for “all modern” technologies for parsing and extracting unstructured, semi-structured and structured data; and simultaneous and uniform input and output of all common file formats HTML, XML, PDF, DOC, CSV, TAB, images, databases, proprietary email formats, etc. WebQL version 2 is available for immediate shipment. Prices range from $7,900 per year for a single processor license to $100,000 per year for an unlimited usage single location license. Low cost licenses are available to educational institutions and charitable organizations. No-charge evaluation licenses are available to software developers. www.QL2.com