TRADOS Incorporated announced that it would release, in late April, TRADOS TM Server, their next-generation Translation Memory technology. TRADOS TM Server is a central translation memory database server that can be accessed simultaneously by hundreds of translators and enables corporations to maintain extremely large translation memory databases. TRADOS TM Server processes tasks on translation memories with tens of thousands or millions of translation units equally fast, whether there are 2, 20 or 200 users accessing the database simultaneously. Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle database back-ends are supported on both Windows and Unix. TRADOS TM Server can be integrated into all common document and content management systems, including Documentum, Tridion, Astoria, Vignette and Interwoven. It can also be used to power custom workflow applications, translation portals, etc. TRADOS TM Server will be available for commercial deployment late April 2003.