FatWire Software introduced a new dCM Integration kit with six free FatWire dCM portlets for IBM’s WebSphere Portal. The portlets allow business users to easily create and modify both structured and unstructured content and publish it to the WebSphere Portal to provide users with fresh, relevant information. The new dCM Integration Kit provides J2EE integration between FatWire’s dynamic content management software, UpdateEngine, and IBM’s Web Sphere Portal v4.1 to allow business users to easily create, edit and publish content to WebSphere Portals. FatWire’s six new dCM content-rich display portlets include The User Display Portlet, The Launch Pad Portlet, The News Portlet, The Job Listing Portlet, The Document Portlet, and The Advertisement Portlet. The dCM Integration Kit and six portlets are available from the IBM Portlet Catalog (Code: 1WP1000CK). www.ibm.com, www.fatwire.com