IXIASOFT announced the general availability of TEXTML Server 2.3, the latest version of its native XML database. IXIASOFT unveiled features that enhance the performance and flexibility of TEXTML Server, including support for Adobe’s XMP (Extensible Metadata Platform) framework, improved support for Namespaces, and a new WebDAV Server. Introduced by Adobe, the XMP framework enhances workflows so that content can be applied between print, Web, eBooks and other media. Adobe XMP is available as an open-source license and uses a W3C based RDF syntax, it provides an XML-based metadata framework for embedding metadata within application files. With its support of XMP, TEXTML Server 2.3 enables the extraction and indexing of metadata embedded inside images, PDFs or any other binary format. Since the metadata is embedded in a file, the information remains with the file throughout its life, facilitating the exchange of metadata between applications. XMP was designed to be extensible and provides the means for customizing metadata based on specific requirements. IXIASOFT has also added improved support for Namespaces, enabling the use of Namespace validation as part of the index definition process. www.ixiasoft.com