iUpload, a provider of content management services is merging with WebPartz, a provider of hosted e-business component applications. The new company will transact business under the iUpload brand, and expand its service to manage content from staff, application and visitor-generated. WebPartz and iUpload form an ASP delivering content management services across all categories. iUpload adds tools from WebPartz to manage content from applications and web site visitors. These functions include online surveys, e-mail marketing, newsletter publishing, site wide search and wireless applications. The new company provides these functions as “partz,” allowing marketing departments to elevate a brochure-ware web presence to an e-Business site by blending partz into a solution that best meets their needs. The content management function will serve as the interface to the other partz, so instead of four or five separate applications, the iUpload interface is the hub for using the other partz. www.webpartz.com, www.iupload.com