Factiva and Microsoft, Inc. announced a relationship that will deliver news and business information from Factiva into the Microsoft Office 2003 suite. Factiva’s first solution for Office 2003, Factiva News Search, will allow information workers to conduct research on Factiva’s 8,000 sources directly from a report or presentation they’re creating. For example, while drafting a competitive brief in Word 2003, competitive intelligence professionals can use Factiva News Search to quickly look up industry trends from newspapers, journals, and newswires from around the world and insert that research into their document. Factiva News Search will be integrated into the Research Task Pane of all Microsoft Office 2003 applications, including Word 2003, Excel 2003, Access 2003, Outlook 2003, and PowerPoint 2003. Factiva News Search is currently available as part of the Microsoft Office 2003 Beta 2 trial. Factiva’s investment in a platform based on XML and Web services enabled its integration with the Microsoft Office 2003 system. While evaluating beta test feedback, Factiva and Microsoft will also be researching customer solutions that can be built on top of the Office 2003 System. www.factiva.com