Workshare announced the release of Workshare DeltaServer 1.0. Workshare DeltaServer is an evolution of Workshare DeltaView, the company’s document comparison software. The new product makes Workshare DeltaView’s comparison technology available in a server-based application. Workshare DeltaServer 1.0 is an application that organisations can deploy for comparisons of Microsoft Word documents. Designed to manage the creation and distribution of comparison documents, Workshare DeltaServer can be integrated with any major application used for document storing and sharing. With Workshare DeltaServer, a comparison document is created which details and highlights all content changes that take place between Microsoft Word document versions. In addition to the creation of the comparison document, Workshare DeltaServer produces detailed document comparison information regarding file input and change statistics. Once created, the comparison document can be saved to the desired repository as a txt, html, doc or pdf file to then be viewed, shared or archived.