XAware, Inc. announced partnerships with eight application server, data access, XML editor and e-commerce channel vendors. XAware’s application server partners are BEA, IBM, Sun and JBOSS. XAware leverages the common services of these application server partners by providing reusable XML-views of disparate data sources. For software vendors, businesses or IT shops that don’t use application servers within their application stacks, XAware can run as a component to add interoperability, XML integration and Web services to packaged applications or custom applications. XAware, through its embeddable integration components, offers an approach to data integration and an alternative to EAI solutions and custom development. XAware’s application, database and information access partners include Attunity and Insevo. These allow the XAware iServer integration engine to talk to ERP, CRM, SCM, financial and other packaged applications. XAware’s XML editor partner is Altova. www.xaware.com