RedDot Solutions announced the company’s integration with Plumtree’s Portal Server. Through the “RedDot CMS Task” gadget for Plumtree Portal, integration will enable customers to extend RedDot CMS’ workflow editing capabilities into the Plumtree Portal. Users of the portal can customize their “My Page” to display the content and information that they find most useful. When the user’s “My Page” is opened, the Portal Server retrieves individual content blocks, called “gadgets,” from various locations, or “gadget servers.” The gadgets are then displayed in a multi-column Web page, whose layout and style are customizable by the end user. The RedDot CMS Tasks gadget gives the Plumtree portal user an at-a-glance summary of RedDot CMS Tasks Menu directly from his/her “My Page”, without having to first log in to RedDot. The gadget code resides on the RedDot server, which also acts as the gadget server. When the Portal Server requests gadget content from the RedDot server, RQL (the RedDot Query Language, RedDot CMS’s XML-based API) is used to interface with the RedDot server and retrieve the user’s Tasks.