Kontiki announced that it has added new Grid Delivery Server software to its enterprise software suite, the Kontiki Delivery Management System (DMS). The DMS enables enterprises to upgrade their existing networks to securely and automatically deliver corporate video and documents. Kontikis DMS is based on the companys grid delivery technology. Like grid computing, which taps underutilized CPU processing power, Kontikis grid delivery software pulls together existing networks and storage space on both PCs and servers to create a network capable of delivering rich media with greater efficiency and lower costs than traditional delivery methods. Kontiki claims the DMS has resulted in reductions in the cost of rich media delivery by a factor of 10 to 25 times, compared with traditional methods of delivering similar content. This improvement is driven by the hardware, bandwidth, and operations savings of Kontikis grid delivery technology. The new Grid Delivery Server runs on standard PC hardware and improves network efficiencies by time shifting deliveries to smooth demand, eliminating failed deliveries with pause/resume, and adaptively multi-serving the content from the delivery grid. www.kontiki.com