Corel Corporation announced Corel XMetaL 4. XMetaL 4 provides customizable XML editing solutions that support dynamic validation for both DTDs and W3C Schemas. XMetaL 4 is comprised of four separate components: Corel XMetaL Author, Corel XMetaL for ActiveX, Corel XMetaL Developer and Corel XMetaL Central. XMetaL Author is a customizable XML authoring environment that features the authoring aids and advanced construct support necessary to create valid, well-formed XML documents. XMetaL for ActiveX is an authoring interface that developers can embed into any ActiveX-compliant Windows application, including Web browsers. XMetaL Developer is a centralized development environment for creating Corel XMetaL customizations and applications. Designed as a plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, it enables developers to use existing Web programming skills in Script, COM and DOM. XMetaL Central enables IT managers to use Web services to remotely manage customizations and uses SOAP to provide access to up-to-date XML customization files, including style sheets, scripts, CSS and templates. XMetaL 4 will be available in early 2003.