IONA and Altova announced a strategic partnership that will include the bundling of Altova’s XMLSPY 5 with IONA’s Orbix E2A XMLBus. IONA’s Orbix E2A XMLBus provides a software infrastructure platform for the development, deployment, integration and management of secure Web services to support the integration of business applications within the enterprise. Altova’s XMLSPY 5 supports the visual design, editing and validation of XML documents, WSDL, XML schema and XSLT stylesheets. Using these products together, a software developer can create and deploy Web services using either legacy code written in CORBA, EJB or Java through the use of WSDL auto-generation utilities, or develop a new Web service application using visual tools for building WSDL and XML Schema. The IONA Orbix E2A XMLBus and Altova XMLSPY 5 product bundle is available immediately for purchase at the Altova Online Shop. The product bundling includes XMLSPY 5 Enterprise Edition and a one-year development license for the Orbix E2A XMLBus for a discounted price of $1399. A free trial version of XMLSPY Enterprise Edition can be downloaded from,