Context Media, Inc. announced the release of Intershare, a Web Services software client to provide organizations universal desktop access to enterprise content. The new software client — which works in tandem with Context Media’s Interchange Suite — gives users the ability to access and use content stored in commercial or homegrown content management or digital asset management systems. Content access is enabled by simply clicking the “Open File” or “Insert File” command and importing content to the desktop. Intershare is a compliant implementation of SOAP 1.2. SOAP acts as the communication layer for the access and exchange of information between Context Media’s products. Intershare presents an enterprise-wide content catalog on the user’s desktop, with seamless point-and-click accessibility. To the user, accessing enterprise content is the same as accessing a shared file system or disk drive on a local computer. For example, a user working in Microsoft Office PowerPoint can use the “Open File” or “Insert File” commands to directly import a graphic stored in separate, disparate content management systems, such as Vignette or Interwoven, without leaving PowerPoint. The user needs to have no knowledge or understanding of the ECM/DAM storage system, its location or operation.