WebWare Corporation announced that Adobe Graphics Server 2.0 will be fully supported in WebWare MAMBO, Version 4.0, the new edition of WebWare’s enterprise-level digital asset management software. A unique feature available in the combined solution is the ability to manage, preview and transform individual layers in an Adobe-format compound file. Users at a remote location may call up a graphic stored in a WebWare content repository and view it on a standard Web browser. If the document is comprised of different layers, users will view all separate layers as an animated GIF thumbnail, essentially allowing them to “see” into a file without opening it. They may then re-order or make other layers invisible, and see how the newly reconstituted file will look. Adobe Graphics Server 2.0 will be bundled with WebWare MAMBO Version 4.0. Pricing has not been announced. The J2EE-compliant WebWare upgrade will be available early in Q1, 2003. www.webware.com