Canto announced “Web Publisher Pro”, a new Option that allows users to publish Cumulus catalogs and to market digital assets on dynamic web pages in the Internet. The new Option is based on the Cumulus Java Classes and is designed for users who do not merely publish their assets but also intend to market them, as is the case in marketing departments, ad agencies, publishing houses, PR departments, and also in museums, mail-order-houses and other user groups. The integrated ordering system enables users to choose a preferred method of asset delivery-download, email, or physical fulfillment. Separate management of users and groups has now been implemented, based on the Cumulus database so that no additional installation and licensing efforts are required. Customizations and integration with existing databases of other suppliers (e.g. mySQL) can be easily realized. Web Publisher Pro will be available in the second half of November 2002 with English, German and French user interface on Mac OS X, Windows, Solaris and Linux platforms. A batch cataloging license of Web Publisher Pro will be available for $1495. Upgrades for existing Web Publisher installations will be
also offered.