Stellent, Inc. announced its Lotus Notes initiative. The initiative includes the release of the new Stellent Lotus Notes Integrator that offers customers a migration or integration path between Lotus Notes and Stellent Content Management. The Stellent Lotus Notes Integrator provides companies with a solution for automatically replicating or migrating Lotus Notes database content into the Stellent Content Management environment. It automatically converts the proprietary Lotus Notes document format into RTF, HTML or XML. Stellent Lotus Notes Integrator can be used in situations where Stellent Content Management coexists with Lotus Notes or where companies are completing replacing Notes. In the first scenario, Lotus Notes Integrator will automatically replicate Lotus Notes documents or emails into the Stellent system, which would be used for document management, Web publishing, content collaboration and content distribution. In the second scenario, Lotus Notes Integrator would be used for the one-time migration of Lotus Notes documents into the Stellent Content Management system. Stellent Lotus Notes Integrator is currently shipping and is priced at $50,000 USD.