Inxight Software, Inc. announced that it has acquired the technology assets of WhizBang! Labs, Inc. The WhizBang! Labs technology adds important functionality to Inxight’s solutions, tapping into multiple, disparate data sources to extract and present key information in the form of “facts.” For example, the technology can automatically crawl a company’s external Web site, accessing dynamically generated pages, classify those pages according to type (contains company address, management bios, etc.), extract the key entities (in the case of management bios, person name, title, previous companies worked for) and associate those entities into a database record. In 2003 Inxight will incorporate the WhizBang! Labs fact extraction technology into Inxight SmartDiscovery, the company’s solution for automating the discovery and retrieval of unstructured text data. This enhancement, coupled with its existing features that include taxonomy management, enterprise-class categorization and a guided information retrieval environment, will enhance their Unstructured Data Management solution. Inxight will also evaluate software-licensing opportunities for the WhizBang! Labs technology.