Corel Corporation announced the upcoming availability of Corel XMetaLCentral, a new server-based application that works with Corel XMetaL to manage and maintain customized XML applications. Corel XMetaLCentral is designed for organizations with tens to thousands of XML document creators and editors. When used in conjunction with Corel XMetaL, Corel XMetaLCentral deploys personalized customizations or ‘packages’ to these end users based on their identity, the content they are working with, and factors in their environment. Invisible to the end user, these packages can be versioned, rolled back, or staged for future deployment. Corel XMetaLCentral features and functionality includes: Browser based interface to manage XMetaLCentral server objects including user profiles, customizations and associated relationships and server operations; IT-defined rules for matching packages with documents and users; Integration with third-party workflow through adaptor objects; Versioning of packages for controlled deployments; Use of the enterprise network login mechanism to access services; Off-line Corel XMetaL authoring mode; and Server support for Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 2000 Server, Windows XP Professional and Solaris 9. Corel XMetaLCentral will be available in November 2002.