FatWire Software announced the release of UE Studio 2.0, the latest edition of its development tool to build and automate Web applications. An add-on to FatWire’s enterprise-level dCM software UpdateEngine, UE Studio 2.0 offers expanded functionality to maximize developer efficiency, and ease the application backlog. UE Studio 2.0 provides tools to two types of users: programmers, who develop content centric applications and “power users,” who understand and support the content management system but do not necessarily have programming skills. The new JSP (Java Server Page) Builder gives developers the ability to automatically generate JSP pages which displays the managed content within a framework that includes navigation as well as provides a foundation for laying out the look and feel of the site. The new Page Builder generates static HTML pages for solutions that do not require dynamic access to content, and the new Data Import Tool imports all types of structured content into the UpdateEngine managed content repository. www.fatwire.com