CambridgeDocs (was XYZ Technologies, Inc.) disclosed details on the company’s long-term product and architectural strategy, the XML Content Backbone. The company will focus on unstructured content such as that contained in Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, plain text and HTML documents. The XML Content Backbone is a software platform that will integrate the unstructured content from disparate systems across the enterprise and from the extended enterprise. The XML Content Backbone will be able to migrate, integrate, route, and assemble content from document management systems, content management systems, groupware systems, desktop applications, and publishing systems using any industry XML standard such as DocBook, RIXML, HR-XML, NewsML, LegalXML or any custom application XML schema. The first CambridgeDocs product will address the need to convert Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, and HTML documents into “meaningful” XML and where the meaning of XML is defined by the particular needs of the user.